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About the EV Trailer

King Solarman’s Solar EV Charging Trailer is transportable, solar powered EV charging station. Delivered to your location complete and ready to charge cars, it does not require any permits, civil engineering or planning, foundations, trenching or electrical connections. Each Solar EV Charging Trailer will deliver up to 100 e miles daily, while charging up to three EVs at a time. It is small, just 1 person, can move and tow with your pick up truck or SUV. Equipped with on-board battery storage, it will charge EVs day or night and during a black out or other grid failure, you can use the energy produced by the Solar EV Charging Trailer to keep your business up and running. If you want to change your charging location, the Solar EV Charging Trailer is transportable and can be easily moved to a new location within minutes. If one unit is not enough, you can simply tow 2 or 3 more next to each other.


EV Charging and the King Solarman Difference

King Solarman makes installing EV chargers easy, clean and cost effective. Because our products get all of their energy from the sun, there is no need to dig trenches, or do any expensive civil or electrical work. Our onboard battery storage allows drivers to charge their EV during the day, at night and even when there’s a black out.

You’ll be charging cars in a matter of minutes after we arrive with the King Solarman’s Solar EV Charging Trailer and if you need DC fast charging, we can get that done for you faster and less disruptively than any other solution out there.

There’s no telling how much your electric bills will increase in the future if you have grid tied chargers, but if you choose the King Solarman’s Solar EV Charing Trailer, all your energy is free – it’s coming from the sun.

Drivers love driving on sunshine and you’ll love the hassle free installation of the King Solarman’s Solar EV Charging Trailer within 2 min and 1 person can complete. So forget building permits, trenches, electrical upgrades and utility bills and take advantage of the only EV charging products that are installed in minutes and can be moved any time you like.

Drive on Sunshine – Thrive on Sunshine

Security Camera

Optional security camera multiple units x 1,000 sq ft area covering and WiFi increases security


20,000/40,000 lumens of LED lighting covers 700-1000 sq ft area.


20,000/40,000 lumens of LED lighting covers 700-1000 sq ft area.


Address 1: San Francisco bay area

48900 Milmont Dr. Fremont, CA 94538 ( San Francisco bay area, close to San Jose Airport and San Francisco Airport )

Address 2: Los Angeles, CA

14554 Valencia Ave. Fontana, CA 92335-3140

625 W Anaheim St Long Beach, CA

Address 3: Los Vegas

Phone Numbers

(408) 373-8800

(718) 908-4541

(626) 376-3393